Kapaleeshwarar Temple, Mylapore – revisited from afar

As I sit here in my office at temperatures hovering above freezing in the unseasonably mild (yes, it’s true!) winter weather I cannot believe it was nine months ago that I was traveling to Chennai (Madras) in India. I first wrote about that trip here and in subsequent posts that week, but  it was only today that I finally got around to processing a few more images from that trip, starting with the Kapaleeshwarar Temple in Mylapore, now a district of the sprawling city.



As I go through more images I will upload them to my art site and may include a few more here too in other posts.


Gods above – Kapaleeshwarar Temple, Mylapore

Hinduism, the major religion for the Indian subcontinent, has thousands of gods that are worshipped. These myriad deities fall within the trinity of major gods, Shakti (Devi), Vishnu, and Shiva.

Shakti, or Devi, is the creator and changer; Vishnu is the preserver, or protector; and Shiva is the god of destruction. Of course, each god has many other minor deities associated with them. Too many to list, in fact as some can be very specific indeed. This makes Hinduism a very personal religion, whilst existing in a larger framework. There are many temples throughout the city of Chennai dedicated to various deities and they are usually very colorful.

One of the oldest is the Kapaleeshwarar (Kapaleeswar) temple in Mylapore, which is dedicated to Shiva and his related deities.


As colorful as the carvings are the stories surrounding the creation of many of the gods: tales of rage, redemption regret and rebirth proving that even gods have to take the consequence of their decisions!

The carvings on the various temple buildings and smaller shrines are kept bright through regular maintenance and ensure that you really do get the impression of being overlooked from the heavens as you walk though the Temple complex in a clockwise pattern.

Keep on the white path though or your bare feet will burn in the searing Madras heat!



The Sunday Sermon – well not really. Traditionally, today is the day of the big Sunday Dinner as we used to call it when I was child. Usually around 2pm or so (after the pub closed), it was an opportunity for the family to get together once a week around the dinner table and eat an unnecessarily large feast – which we all enjoyed thoroughly.

I do not come from a religious family, but having moved to Pennsylvania I am now surrounded by those so afflicted and who insist on “saying grace” before getting down to the hard work of scoffing every single meal and, these days, throwing away a significant amount of uneaten food afterwards.

So, as I am having one of my “down” days, brought on by the rainfall,  I offer my perspective. I am not expecting this to be popular.


~ Grace ~

Thank you, O unseen one for showing us Favor

Providing your bounty as something to Savour

As we feast on this Meal we praise our good Luck

That you care for US greatly as you don’t give a Fuck…

For those Others abroad in places far Flung

That are ruled by the Heathen and governed by Gun

But though many there Praise you, it seems not Enough

To calm Your huge ego so I guess that it’s Tough

For millions of Believers have only a Diet

Of promise of Heaven and so dare not to Riot

Against the Controls that are put into Place

To continue this Construct that plagues Human Race

So thanks once again, God, for sharing your Grace

And I’ll try not to Think of a starving child’s Face

Or ponder or question your Omnipotence

As I go through this daily Rite of pretence.




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