Haiku ~ January 31st

Haiku ~ January 31st


A frozen morning

Birds call for the struggling sun

One twelfth completed



Haiku ~ Bootstrapping

Haiku: Bootstrapping

The concept of bootstrapping, or “pulling oneself up by the bootstraps,” means to get yourself out of a situation by using the resources you have at hand. In computer parlance this has been shortened to “booting” and is the term used to describe when a system is initially activated and then starts up using existing hardware and firmware prior to loading the operating system.

Anyhow, I thought I’d extend this concept a little today using my iPhone’s predictive texting to generate a Haiku.

Staring with the word haiku, I selected one of the 3 suggested words that followed and repeated this until my bootstrapped haiku was created:

Haiku is the art

And the sunset in my house

Is so much better


And here’s the screenshot to prove it…



Haiku: Resolution 2018

Haiku ~ Resolution 2018


See more, listen well,

Positive thoughts for this year.

I am resolute.



January, 2018

Haiku: Love Locked

~ Love Locked ~


Locked there forever

On the fence at Montmartre

A shared sacred heart.




Haiku: Hacking

I played around with four different definitions of the same term in this one:


~ Hacking ~


Coping with a cough

or a bucolic horse ride

now wins elections…



#1600 Redux

I penned this six sentence story 8 months ago. Unfortunately, it appears to have been prophetic.

Good Luck, fellow Americans.



Haiku: True Colors

~ T r u e   C o l o r s ~

A few minutes talk

revealing his demeanor.

True colors exposed



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