Haiku: Last Moonwalker

~ Last Moonwalker ~


Commander Cernan

Final lunar explorer

Leaves terra firma…

By NASA / Harrison H. Schmitt (NASA Images at the Internet Archive (image link)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Dedicated to Eugene “Gene” Cernan March 14, 1934 – Jan 16,2017, the last person to walk on the moon in December, 1972.


Donald’s World

Shortly after his 23rd Birthday, Donald Trump embarked on the Apollo 11 Mission and was with Buzz Aldrin when he walked on the moon. He even took a photograph as can be seen the reflection in Aldrin’s visor, if you look closely…

Except it was in a back lot in LA, not the moon, obviously, I mean why would we go to the moon, there’s nothing there… no, wait a minute, I never said that, it was actually Vegas and I wasn’t there … etc., etc., ad nauseum



Strawberry Solstice

I always thought, misguidedly it would appear, that Midsummer’s day was on the 21st June. However, I now stand fully informed by the interweb that it can fall on 20th,21st or 22nd June. As a consequence of my misunderstanding I missed my posting for the Summer Solstice, since I was away on a family trip to Hershey, Pennsylvania.

However, coincidence being what they are, on my return yesterday evening I thought I would potter about the vegetable garden and do some watering and weeding. (Bear with me.)

We have recently moved our strawberry bed (for the second time) and it has been spectacularly unsuccessful over the last two seasons. Therefore, I was more than happy to see half a dozen or so bright red strawberries beaming up at me in their freshly watered, and recently bird-proofed, bed.

I duly picked these for my beloved to have, as these were the first of the season and always remind me of our June wedding day xx years ago, when we also had the first strawberries of the year (back in the days when fruit was seasonal). After drifting into the house to browse the web, I found that Monday was not only the Summer Solstice, but also the rare incidence of a “Strawberry Moon”, which occurs roughly every 50 years or so.  

Now, I have never heard of a Strawberry Moon, but apparently it was so-called by the Algonquin tribes of North America who believed that a full moon in June signaled the start of the strawberry season.


What an odd coincidence…

Happy Midsummer’s Day to all!




A Story – The Steampunk Moonlander

This is a rare find indeed! Discovered recently in a box of ephemera left as part of an eccentric recluse’s estate in Wensleydale, England, this is thought to be one of the fabled photographs that captured the largely apocryphal adventures of her forebear, Theophilus Carter.

Although Theophilus ostensibly made his living as a cabinet maker in Victorian Oxford, he was also of sufficient means to indulge his passion as an enthusiastic inventor. His initial setbacks with his more modest invention, the Alarm Clock Bed, first shown publicly at the Great Exhibition in 1851 met with such muted response that he was forced to continue his future activities hidden from public scrutiny through fear of criticism. In fact, such was his modesty that little is known of his later development of the steam space engine and his subsequent solo return trip to the moon in 1898.

He was blessed with sufficient foresight, however to carry photographic equipment with him on this adventure and I am pleased to be able to share with the public at large this remarkable image of the lunar surface, with waxing Earth and “The Brunel” rocket in the foreground.


© Richard Reeve

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