My Boy Scout Camera Bag

It is amazing what photographic kit you can actually fit into a small camera bag that can be attached to your belt, or easily hand held.  To be more specific, I am describing my 3-year old Case Logic DCB-304 Camera Case that measures a reasonable 7.5” x 7.5” x 5” (19cm x 19cm x 13cm) when packed.

The major reason I took up the micro 4/3 mirrorless camera format in the first place was due to its compact size compared to DSLRs. By careful packing of this little bag I think I have proved my point and was able to easily carry all the equipment I needed for a hike along a river trail and a trip to the ski slopes this afternoon.

I found it a convenient way to carry the following:

Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GX8

Panasonic Lumix G H-H020AK 20mm F/1.7

Panasonic 45-200mm f/4.0-5.6

Battery charger and two batteries

Several SD cards

and either an iPhone or a fun pancake lens such as the Olympus 15mm f/8.0 Body Cap Lens

If you don’t believe me see the images taken in my “studio” (the basement ironing board!) when I got back from the trip:

kit and caboodle
lens in first
GX8 on top facing the “hinge”

Simply (I so love that word!) flip the hood back over the big telephoto lens and pack it horizontally in the base of the bag, then cover with a lens cloth and add the GX8 horizontally too, as shown.

Next put the charger in one side pocket, and two spare batteries in the other side pocket.

The SD cards fit easily in the inside pocket in the flap and the little front inside expandable compartment will hold either your phone (will fit an iPhone 6) or the Oly body cap lens for a bit of fun.

OK, it’s not exactly a survival kit, but it’s a pretty good compact set-up for a scouting photographer and  I think Akela would be happy enough with my efforts.


Latest Cameras from Nixon and Conan

Amid great fanfare the two flagship camera manufacturers today launched their latest and greatest DSLR products to an eagerly awaiting crowd of photographers at KameraTek 2016 in Berlin, Germany. The Conan CIII-p0 and the Nixon RII-d2 are similarly priced and are clearly aimed at the aspiring professional photographer, as well as those amateurs with bags of cash, who must have the latest gear. But how do they shape up in the field? Well, few have been able to get hold of the models yet as both manufacturers have kept them under tighter wraps than the details of a Donald Trump political plan, but we are able to report that novel technology is used in both models as we had pre-release models.

The Conan boasts a staggering new focus system, ADHD, with 1024 focal points being monitored to ensure that it’s almost impossible to get a blurry shot. Meanwhile Nixon has finally been able to launch its new OCD image stabilization system after more than 2 years in beta-testing.  Interestingly, both models now appear to follow the same algorithms of Sunny’s latest WTF image capture engine which users of the iPharce 6 may find similar to Abble’s Live Photo feature, that became so popular in the last year.

Not to be outdone by the big two, Olympix  also announced their latest m43 flagship model the Olympix OMG, which packs an astounding 26.8MP into this crop sensor, a 30 fps continuous burst mode and a new array of mouthwatering lenses to fit its rangefinder style body. Interestingly, although they have adopted a new RoFL mount system, it remains compatible with the old LoL system too, which is great news for those who committed to the much older technology introduced way back in 2015.

Cameras 9 ©2016, Richard Reeve

All these advancements of course will make very little difference to any photographer’s skill at being able to compose an artful composition, but then that isn’t part of the design. We consumers have an insatiable appetite for the latest changes, however incremental, and readily gobble them up on  a six-monthly schedule in the never-ending quest for the latest gear. And the manufacturers are simply feeding the beast.

Carry on clicking…


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