Corporate Inclusion

I have eluded briefly to the workings of my corporate overlords in a few previous posts, and today I feel the need for another such reference. I work in a large US office, employing over 500 people, for an international corporation which, in turn, employs several thousand individuals on four continents. Very recently, our local… Continue Reading →

Corporate Dreaming Redux

I normally only post once a day but for those of you who read my post from this morning I thought I would provide a condensed version of the 4-hour “show” I attended today. Here goes: When a problem occurs you should collect all the relevant facts, tell relevant people about it, try to figure… Continue Reading →

Corporate Dreaming – a perspective

Today my colleagues and I have the dubious pleasure of another 4 hour meeting with a group of management consultants who have been brought into our organization to tell us something. I am not entirely sure what we are supposed to gain from this exercise, as it wasn’t made clear during the first 2-day exercise, and… Continue Reading →

I’m Alright Jack!

The last few weeks as a corporate cog have been a bit of a challenge, one way or another. Two phrases come to my mind, one from my British heritage in the form of the classic 1959 Boulting Brother’s comedic film, I’m Alright Jack, and the other from the more well known Kubrick adaptation of… Continue Reading →

So many questions

  “Have I noticed how many people seem to talk to themselves in questions and then answer themselves?” “Well, yes, as a matter of fact, I have!” “Do I find it annoying that what was once the quirky behavior of a few US politicians has found its way into the speech patterns of a lot of… Continue Reading →

Why do we put up with this Crapple?

Warning: this is going to be a longer rant than usual. Yesterday, I spent just under 4 hours trying to sort out my daughter’s broken iPhone and achieved precisely nothing. Yes, the Apple Store staff members were all very friendly, but I cannot but think it’s all a farce they’re playing out in order to… Continue Reading →

Shopping Locally

Chennai is a bustling, modern city in many ways, with many well dressed locals walking with cellphones attached to their ears like any other urban scene. But there are also many locals who cannot hope to afford the western lifestyle and for whom the local stalls and stores are an essential part of life. It is quite… Continue Reading →

Men’s Health

Tomorrow I need to get stuck like a porcupine as I get myriad vaccinations for a trip to foreign climes that has been sprung on me by my corporate overlords. Unfortunately my records aren’t up to date, and my memory is unreliable for this type of thing so I shall have to have a raft… Continue Reading →

self help

~ self help ~ a surprise gift on my desk today: a small paperback with positive color and pointing arrows, packed full of promises of perfecting my personality; meant to mold it into another corporate citizen who will nod and smile unquestioningly at perfunctory platitudes that stoke the share price, and distract us from the… Continue Reading →

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